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Kemialliset Ystävät: Taju live tape 3,5e

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the incestuous beasts known as Kemialliset Ystävät would go and improvise in Hyvinkää, the town known for the pyramid and satanic ritual slaughter??? We think you should. The blood stained are: Jan Anderzén, Niko-Matti Ahti, Tomas Regan, Merja Kokkonen and Sami Sänpäkkilä. 4-colour sleeves.

POK-no cat
Lau Nau tour CD-R, sold out
(only available on shows)

POK-no cat
Taikuri Tali tour CD-R and MC, sold out
(only available on shows)

Lauhkeat Lampaat: Mystery of Hyyry cassette 3e

This is hot oat! Lauhkeat Lampaat have found new views for their sounds. What used to be a mountain is a huge pile of bubble gum now and what used to be a straw is now an old tree dropping its seeds on your head. Call it free, call it impro, anyway the brothers and their guest have done something special for you. Hand made sleeves.

"Lauhkeat Lampaat: De Heksenketel, Antwerp, Belgium, Apr. 9, 2004. A couple of Finnish brothers, Antti and Jaakko Tolvi, who do quiet improv while seated close together on the floor, surrounded by small percussion instruments. Antti plays soprano sax and Jaakko focuses more strictly on percussion. It was fantastic to see their relationship as brothers work itself into the music, with the two of them so naturally finishing each other's lines and reaching over to grab a shaker or a bell out of the other's space or hand, even." -Chris Corsano about his favourite live shows

”ostin juuri hienon pokin julkaiseman lauhekat lampaat: mystery of hyyry -kassun ja oli pakko hieman hypettää. joskus pari kuukautta sitten antti kertoi innostuneensa elektronisesta äänestä ja heti alkoi kiinnostamaan miten sähkö korrenpuhaltajan käsissä taipuisi. ja hitsin hienostihan se. hyyry on innostava yhdistelmä orgaanista ääntä ja orgaanista sähköistä ääntä - ihmeellisellä tavalla hengittävä kokonaisuus. ovikello putoaa kaislikkoon, radiota kuljetetaan soutaessa melan päässä ja äänet yhdistyvät narinaan sekä kyydissä olevaan perkkuheppuun (YHTYY PERKKUHEPPUUN VINK VINK).
vaikka mieleen tulee niin morton subotnik kuin prick decay ja animasound on kyseessä silti jotain joka kuulostaa turulta vuonna 2005. viehättävintä on eri maailmoista tulevien äänten yhdistyminen, kuulaus, orgaaninen olemus ja kaiken takaa kuuluva into ja tohina. ehdottoman suositeltava kassu!”.
-Roope Eronen lal lal lal.

Maan matoset CD compilation, sold out but wait for the re-print!

A beautiful compilation CD of 15 songs from Finnish bands. Available with hand assembled color printed covers 10e or silkscreened hand assembled fabric covers 13e (only one per order or at most 10% of the order, it’s a special edition, but not actually a limited one. Just harder to assemble).

"truly one of the most lovely looking & sounding comps in the history of compilations, Maan Matoset is the sound of Fins tinkering, shuffling, strumming,,, some of it in the form of gentle songs & some in the form of abstract squeaking & droning electronics or folk percussion. it all flows like an album or a river of broken church bells. tomutonttu, kiila, pekko kappi & kuupuu & keijo & taikuri tali & lau nau etc. etc?..they are all here & more..."
- Glenn Donaldson

1. Hertta Lussu Ässä - Meri on maailman veri
2. Kemialliset Ystävät - Rekitunnelmia
3. Kiila - Minälaulu
4. Sala-Arhimo - Talviunta
5. Lau Nau - Keinu taipuu alla
6. Islaja - Laivat saapuu
7. Pekko Käppi - Sen jalat oli multaset
8. Taikuri Tali - Taikasulka
9. Kuupuu - Aava
10. Lauhkeat Lampaat - Rabbi ja Matti
11. Keijo & Jussi Karsikas - Bursting through the treshold
12. Tomutonttu - Mun kanteleeni 2058
13. SewerPyysalos – Mansanne kädäm / heräsin Loimaalta
14. Avarus - Keiko ja naiset
15. Päivänsäde - Sihitaikina

Rauhan Orkesteri: Hyppy tunti 7" 4e

Free jazz at its best, wow, momma! Raise the party! Hand painted and screened sleeves.

“Totally fantastic, rough as hell liberated folk jazz blurt that draws from the same deep well of primitive sophistication that defined labels like ESP-Disk, Survival, Ak-Ba and Jihad. Highly recommended. Bass, horns, reeds, vocals, drums.”
- Volcanic Tongue

Päivänsäde double cassette - sold out.

"Päivänsäde shares members of Rauhan Orkesteri, LL, and Kiila, and their flowing group interaction shares elements of all three: from RO comes an openness, LL a global influence and Kiila a pointillistic density. The six improvisations on their double cassette unfold with the gentle grace of the alap sections of Indian ragas. They use the jouhikko, the kantele, flutes, voice and hand percussion to create their earthy, yet expansive atmospheres. Ligeti-like string layers emit a spectral, microtonal glow, while below the surface kanteles rustle delicately. In other places, a spare drum beat and wailing vocalizations lend the pieces a dramatic urgency. Päivänsäde is concerned with evolution, and the time limits of recording technology confine the group to glimpses of their broad-minded explorations, as if the group is trying to break their constraints in search of freedom." -Matthew Wuethrich

"the dominant characteristic of this one is a rigorously acoustic improvisation, whose roots tend to locate in the world of free jazz, although they use native folk instruments from Finland. In this way they manage to articulate a psychedelic space from an acoustic improv that leans more in the silences and the sudden structure shifts that in reverbs and mantra. For that reason, the sound from the recording is very important, that tends to give a unifying character to the whole album. That sound is so fluid and opened that it gives rise to interesting tensions and distensions that originate and dissolve without any evident pattern, after which it seems to be a subtle atonal intelligence in a precise frame of frequencies.
Different types from wind sounds, timbres, percussions and voices [rise from unpronounced instruments] seem to create a kind atmosphere so that spontaneous and vertiginous solo flutes or other small instruments lead our attention to the details, while more deep changes happen simultaneously. - José Miguel Salazar Z, Loop

POK-3 ½
Päivänsäde cassette, 3e.

This is for everybody who hasn't got the Päivänsäde double cassette released by POK earlier! It's basically a re-release of the songs that you won't find on the LP Puhalluspelto, released by Eclipse. Berry good! Quality stuff! Loved by many! Hand coloured Xerox sleeves with nice silk paper.

Lauhkeat Lampaat 7" – sold out.

A duo of bass recorder and tablas plus small percussion, uuhh.. HO! Hand screened sleeves.

"The brothers Tolvi, Antti and Jaakko, from Rauhan Orkesteri, weave a meditative tapestry that blends their passions: free jazz and Eastern musics. On the B-side Jaakko first lays down a bubbling tabla groove while Antti uses the deep tones of his bass recorder as both rhythm and melody, until they culminate in a free, cluttered dialogue of vocal spasms, shakers and tiny tabla bursts. They stay reflective on the A-side, Antti blowing long, vocalized tones over bells, slides on the tabla’s bass drum and rapid comments from the treble. LL refracts world music through the brothers’ own ecstatic, idiosyncratic communication." -Matthew Wuethrich

"Identifying the who and what of these four vinyl artifacts is a perfect summary of how hair-scrambling Lal Lal Lal can be. Where else to start but at the top, where we've got a record that has the words Lauhkeat Lampaat clearly screen-printed on the cover. Fair enough, that's probably the name of the group. Couple silk-splotched abstract ducks on the cover, or maybe they're swans. I can dig it. The label itself reveals, in xeroxed handwriting, that Lauhkeat Lampaat is a duo of A. Tolvi on bass recorder and J. Tolvi on percussion. Wow -- more free jazz? Yep, it is, but it's very Finnish free jazz, which plucks and ripples most admirably. If Don Cherry had been Finnish . . . . and it also immediately reminds me of the acoustic gamelan-driven side of Sun City Girls, which I've been listening to a lot of lately. It reminds me of that so much that I bet this is the 7-inch that Byron Coley compared to acoustic Sun City Girls in the last Wire magazine -- in fact I'm gonna go check. [Leaves room, comes back seconds later with magazine.] No, never mind, he was reviewing the Gang Wizard/D Yellow Swans split 3" CD.
Which brings us to Side B, which I had gone ahead and assumed was gonna be by Lauhkeat Lampaat, but then I got to thinking -- if it is Lauhkeat Lampaat, then why does it say Pohjoisten Kukkaisten Aanet on the label?? And why does the back cover have PDK silk-screened on it -- could that be some kind of abbreviation for Pohjoisten Kukkaisten Aanet? (You didn't think I could say it again, did you?) And if the first side was slippery no-beat free-jazz, why is the second side a stone conga groove that could be right off an Eddy Detroit album, complete with vocalise and wood-flute fluppery? (Oops, there I go with another Arizona/Majora comparison.) Hmm, I'm thinking it's two different bands, one called Lauhkeat Lampaat and one called Pohjoisten Kukkaisten Aanet (or possibly just Pohjoisten Kukkaisten, with Aanet being the name of the 'EP'). And by the way, I'd like to see some footage of a Finnish spelling bee -- I'll trade if anyone's got any on video . . . . . . .
POSTSCRIPT!!! I just figured out that this is NOT a release on Lal Lal Lal, and that Pohjoisten Kukkaisten Äänet is the label, which means both sides are by Lauhkeat Lampaat. And it turns out that the Tolvi brothers are also in Rauhan Orkesteri. It's all coming together, right?" -Dusted Magazine

POK-1 (ROLP-1)
Rauhan Orkesteri LP -Re-issued! 10 e

The debut album of probably the best live band in Finland! Freshly squeezed and shaked free jazz explosion. “Call it free music, call it jazz, even free jazz, improvised music... You can use whatever names you wish to describe the sound of RAUHAN ORKESTERI (= Orchestra Of Peace). But one thing's sure: few words can describe the FIRE AND PASSION these cats put in their music!!! It's so boiling and joyful, that it makes you wonder: ‘What are they thinking??!!’ I tell you, this is the sound of awareness! When they play, you just get nailed to the floor... there's so many things going on, that your mind will feel no need for ‘normal’ music in a while. Totally insane and at the same time the only sane thing around. You should catch these guys live. If you are in Finland be sure to find out about club TULIPESÄ in Turku, for evenings of improvisation that feature one or many of these guys, but also other surprising people performing... This album is recorded in the outdoors for the most part, and it is in MONO!!!!!! How cool is that???!!!”
"If naming a free jazz group Peace Orchestra (Rauhan Orkesteri in Finnish) seems like a contradiction, it should; free jazz has always reveled in contradiction: the established rules of melody, harmony and rhythm, the jazz tradition and images of the stereotypical jazz player have all been questioned, torn down and then recreated by those working within the free jazz aesthetic. What's more, the label “free jazz” is nothing more than a broad stylistic umbrella that encompasses a range of approaches, from the sonic onslaught of Peter Brötzmann to the more cerebral structures of Anthony Braxton.
On their debut album, Rauhan Orkesteri thrives on contradiction and finds space for both the sonic onslaught and the cerebral, unleashing music that at times roils frenetically, at others softly rustles but always exudes a spine-tingling tension and a warm spirit of playfulness.
Rauhan Orkesteri hails from Turku, a university city on the southwest coast of Finland. The quartet is the Brothers Tolvi (Antti on reeds and Jaakko on percussion), Tero Kemppainen on bass and Ville Jolanki also on reeds, and their aesthetic is very DIY. Their label, Pohjoisten Kukkaisten Äänet, is run partly by Antti Tolvi; their first release is LP-only and all the art was originally done by hand; their sound is mono and was recorded partly outdoors. All these factors contribute to the music's warmth, evocative of nature's free-flowing organics rather than harsh urban squalor.
"Uunituoreet porkkanasämpylämpimät" (Oven-fresh carrot rolls) opens like the forest at night, sounds springing from every direction, some startling and some serene, like a group of small animals conversing in some secret language. Cued by the horns, the quivering dialogue eventually evolves into a ramshackle march, which itself soon dissipates into a dialogue between arco bass and the horns, only to be taken over again by the march, this time louder and more frenetic, as Antti Tolvi and Jolanki twist, bend and break the brittle melody against Jaakko Tolvi's skittering, multi-faceted percussion attack. The quartet pits dense passages against more serene spaces. Moments of aching harmony emerge then slip away in a clatter of cymbals or snare burst on "Suklaamuusi." "Alkukeittiö tai kevätkääryle" (Soup or springrolls) sneaks up on the listener, as Tolvi and Jolanki suddenly leap, horns stuttering and vocalizing, from the underbrush of ever-shifting percussion.
The epic "Meren antimet" (Fruit of the Sea) starts out jagged and flailing, then enters more ambient space, as Tolvi and Jolanki blow long, quavering tones on wooden flutes and shimmering, metallic smears on saxophone as Kemppainen saws out wounded responses. The piece does not so much end as it decomposes, each member gasping their last, until only Tolvi is left clanging, crashing, rolling and popping to a final child-like twinkling on the chimes.
Rauhan Orkesteri puts the freedom back in free jazz. Full of brash and unpredictable turns, earth-pounding rhythms, cerebral wanderings, stratospheric cries and distorted shapes, Rauhan Orkesteri keeps the listener tuned to its every twisting, turning moment."
~Matthew Wuethrich

Pekko Käppi LP&CD

Antti Tolvi

Niko-Matti Ahti, Chris Corsano, Pentti Dassum, Mikko Lagerbohm, Laura Naukkarinen, Sami Pekkola, Antti Tolvi, Jaakko Tolvi

Garden music double MC